Sunday, 9 September 2012

Site Update: New Template

New template? YES PLEASE!! It's time to change the old template because.. well, I got bored :p It's been more than a year since I did some maintenance in this blog. I'm so sorry for not updating for more than a year but seems like I can finally update this blog regularly (hopefully).

So, do you like my new template? This one is less complicated than the previous template. One of the reason why I wanted to change my template is because the prevous template was quite complicated for an amateur like me. It's hard to customize my post because the template didn't support it :( But with my new template, that isn't a problem anymore!

Pretty sure I will miss my old template :( But you gave me too much trouble, it's unforgivable!

Dameda, zenzen dameda new look! I spend almost 12 hours working on this lol. Some feed back about my new template would make me very happy ^^