Saturday, 22 September 2012

Weekly Report: Manga from Week 38

This week menu: Ojousama no Untenshu ch 02-05, Saiyaku wa Boku wo Suki Sugiru ch 01-06, Zetsuen no Tempest ch 18, Kimi ni Todoke ch 72, Stardust Wink ch 28.5, Naruto ch 602, Fairy Tail ch 300 and Historie ch 60-76.

Whoa, I read more than 30 chapters this week! xD Continuing from last week, we have Ojousama no Untenshu chapter 2-5. Chapter 6 will be covered in next week's report. I also tried a new series by Kannagi Satoru. No Bleach this week because I put it back to my on-hold list. Tbh, I didn't enjoy the recent arc :(

Ojousama no Untenshu (Ishihara Keiko) Chapter 02-05

Scanlated by Omari's Sister

Ojousama no Untenshu ch 02-05

In Ojousama no Untenshu, social status is serious business. I can understand that, but I can't understand why Narutaki had so little self-control over himself. In this kind of era, he should understand his position and restrain himself a little or he will give more trouble to Sayaka. Maybe that's because his carefree attitude? Who knows.. On the other side, I also feel sorry for him because Sayaka was so slooow (she thinks Narutaki is like a brother to her :p) Btw, Tachibana was quite kakkoi, or at least that's what I thought first. I changed my mind just a second after he spook :p He's soooo strict! I'm glad Sayaka ignore her father's wish to marry him and decline the proposal. Yes Sayaka, you have Narutaki who's far better than Tachibana :D

Saiyaku wa Boku wo Suki Sugiru (Kannagi Satoru & Ninomiya Etsumi) Chapter 01-06

Scanlated by Echochi Scans

Saiyaku wa Boku wo Suki Sugiru ch 01-06

From the author of Only The Ring Finger Knows, that's the sole reason I'm checking it. And, it didn't disappoint me. The story was cute and funny, though the supernatural part feels a bit forced. One thing that didn't click with me is, everyone seems to love our uke. In my opinion, Chihaya deserves this more than Izumi. He's cool and manly though he's sooo unfriendly. Well, maybe people prefer Izumi because the plot demands it:)) Saiyaku wa Boku wo Suki Sugiru will likely spend at least 10 volumes, given that there are 12 misfortunes and the first volume only cover the first misfortune. Because of that, I will put this series in my on-hold list. Better wait for at least five more chapter to come out since reading one by one will reduce the fun xD

Zetsuen no Tempest (Shirodaira Kyou, Sano Arihide & Saizaki Ren) Chapter 18

Scanlated by Easy Going Scans

Zetsuen no Tempest ch 18

Hakaze loves Yoshino. I never thought that would be a massive problem until I read this chapter. Seriously, I just lurve Zetsuen and all its theory, though it was sometimes too complicated for me :p Mahiro caught me off guard when he said that he knows that Yoshino has been asking for weaponry. I completely forgot that he's as sharp as Yoshino! Anyway, I'm really looking forward to the next chapter AND the anime. Ahh, now UchiKouki as Yoshino sound really really great!

Kimi ni Todoke (Shiina Karuho) Chapter 72

Scanlated by S2scans

Kimi ni Todoke ch 72

Kazehayaaaaa, how can you said something so embarrassing like that with a straight face? *blush* Seriously, what a sweet chapter! I'm glad Sawako's parents, especially her over-protective dad, gave them more time to be together :3

Stardust Wink (Haruta Nana) Chapter 28.5

Scanlated by StarryHeaven

Stardust Wink ch 28.5

This side story from volume 6 is about Hinata. I'm more into Team Sou, but I can enjoy this chapter just fine. The best part is definitely when Karin offered her candy to Hinata (which was called Karin Candy lol). It's so funny! Oh, and the idea of filling the art classroom with Hinata's face was hilarious :)

Naruto (Kishimoto Masashi) Chapter 602

Scanlated by MangaStream

Naruto ch 602

Expecting Kishimoto-sensei to reveal Obito's past in just one chapter is a bit too much. Heck, I'm not surprised if sensei spend one volume just to explain that. Anyway, I'm still looking forward to see what made Obito change so much. It seems that there are more thing we don't know about Madara yet, judging by his speech in this chapter.

Fairy Tail (Mashima Hiro) Chapter 300

Scanlated by MangaStream

Fairy Tail ch 300

Dang, we still didn't know about the woman Jellal saw in chapter 297. Many people suggest that she's Lucy and I can't disagree. It's quite possible after all. As expected, Sabertooth master isn't fine with the result of Sting & Rogue match. But I didn't expect him to "vaporised" Lector like that. I just don't understand why Sting didn't protect him before that happened. If he can land a powerful shot like that, I'm sure he can protect Lector too. Ah well, maybe Lector died for the sake of plot. I'm looking forward to know more about Minerva because what she said in this chapter was quite intrigued me. Oh, and if you tell me Sabertooth master was dead just because something like that I would be very disappointed. Next chapter, we can learn more about the dragon's graveyard!

Historie (Iwaaki Hitoshi) Chapter 60-76

Scanlated by Hox

Historie ch 60-76

Well, I don't have enough patience to wait for Level Comic's Historie vol 7 so I decide to read the scans :p Eumenes you're such a magnificent bastard! I like you more and more! But first let's talk about Hephaestion (he's the reason I can't wait for the tankou release xD) . How he was born was quite twisted! I assume Alexander didn't realize that Hephaestion is his other personality? As for Eumenes, he really became Macedonia's famous toymaker lolol Chapter 68-69 is definitely the most interesting chapters. In these chapters, Eumenes' visit in Cardia was handled in a very amusing way. The way he mocked Hecataeus is just brilliant! The newest chapter (ch 76) focused on the upcoming war between Macedonia and Scythia. I'm not sure which side will win this war. Scythian was depicted as strong and ruthless against their enemy while Macedonian seems to rely more on strategies. I'm looking forward to see Eumenes' contribution in this war, given that he's a Scythian on Macedonia's side.