Saturday, 15 September 2012

Weekly Report: Manga from Week 37

This week menu: 7 Seeds ch 113, Bleach ch 507, Naruto ch 601, Fairy Tail ch 299 and Ojousama no Untenshu ch 01.

Weekly Report is baaaack!! Yep, me finally decide to revive this blog's main feature. It's all thanks to Niki-chan who encouraged me to do it again. Just so you know, the amount of manga I read in a week have decreased compared to last year. It's kind of sad but there isn't any new manga that seems interesting for me :(

7 Seeds (Tamura Yumi) Chapter 113

Scanlated by Tsukihana Scans

7 Seeds ch 113

This chapter was focused on the interaction between Hana, Fujiko and Chisa. I'm so glad that Hana isn't alone anymore. But there isn't anything new in this chapter, so I kinda got bored when reading it :( Btw, I miss the pig-like creature. I was hoping Hana would pet them the way Aramaki did to his dogs.

Bleach (Kubo Tite) Chapter 507

Scanlated by MangaStream

Bleach ch 507

I'm not really a member of Yama-jii fans club (if it exists) so I didn't enjoy this chapter. What, a bankai that will affect Soul Society? Evaporate all the water slowly? Pfffftt, that sounds ridiculous for me.

Naruto (Kishimoto Masashi) Chapter 601

Scanlated by MangaStream

Naruto ch 601

I was hoping for a proper explanation about Obito but I have to wait for another week. This chapter just confirm that Madara already defeated the Kages. Among them, Tsunade condition was probably the worst. I bet she will die after healing the other Kages (but I hope I was wrong since I like her character).

Fairy Tail (Mashima Hiro) Chapter 299

Scanlated by MangaStream

Fairy Tail ch 299

It's the second and the last side story before we go back to the main story. Honestly, I don't really care about side story but this one, like the previous, was quite entertaining. No text at all in this chapter, but I can clearly understand what happened. Gildarts was hilarious as usual xD Next week, we can finally know the truth about the woman Jellal saw in chapter 297!

Ojousama no Untenshu (Ishihara Keiko) Chapter 01

Scanlated by Omari's Sister and Heart Crusade

Ojousama no Untenshu ch 01

Shoujo manga about master and servant relationship, not so original I'd say. but this one managed to made good impression on me. The story for chapter 1 was fast-paced. I didn't expect Narutaki to confess in the first chapter o_0 Though Sayaka only took that as a joke (Poor Narutaki T__T) Let's see if the story gets better in chapter 2 (I'll read it next week).