About Me

Talking a lot isn't my forte, so I'll write a short introduction about myself and this blog.
I'm just another manga and anime and seiyuu lover that decided to make a blog about the things I like.
Yeah, that's it. See you~

Just kidding.. :p

This blog main feature is Weekly Report, post that I make every week, containing what I've read in a week (only scanlation, I don't include manga that I read in hard copy form in this post). Post other than Weekly Report will be posted on sunny side up manga + anime blog first, then a week later, I will share it here.

More about me? Well, if you want to know more about me just follow my Twitter.
Or you can stalk follow me in other media like..

I'm a nice person and don't like to bite people, don't be afraid :p

Maybe, just maybe, if you want to exchange link with me (exchange mean you put my link in your blog and I'll put yours in my blog. oh you already know that? Good! :p) feel free to contact me via email at wiwi[dot]tjan[at]gmail[dot]com. Or you can also contact me via my twitter.For bloggers and sites that already put my blog in their blogroll, you're AWESOME! lol
I'll definitely put your blog in my blogroll too, just tell me about it! xD

This time for real, see you~ Hope you have fun in my blog ^^