Saturday, 26 March 2011

Weekly Report: Manga from 20 Mar - 26 Mar 2011

This week menu: Break Blade ch 44-47, Pandora Hearts ch 59, Strobe Edge ch 32-33, Code:Breaker ch117, Super Lovers ch 03, Reimei no Arcana ch 15, Kimi ni Todoke ch 56, Nurarihyon no Mago ch144, Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu ch 51, Star Driver dj - Kiss Through the Glass and Star Driver dj - Ohoshisama, Otoshita no wa daare?.

Before I start talking about this week report, I'll talk about this new layout and new blog name. As you already noticed (if you don't notice anything then that means you're a new reader here, welcome~ :D), I've changed my blog name from littlerambling into zenzendameda. That's because I think zenzendameda was easier to remember and it match with my blog title, 'Dameda, zenzen dameda'. I also applied new template, which completely change my blog layout. I'll be very happy if you give me your opinion about this new look, and if you have a suggestion for me, it's more than welcomed. Just drop it in the comment box below. Also, please participate in the new poll that I added in the top of my sidebar.

This week, I read two Star Driver doujinshi (dj). Usually, I don't really like reading dj, mostly because dj's artwork always fail to amuse me. But because of the latest episode of Star Driver anime (eps 23), I really, really need some distraction, so I search for dj. Oh, and maybe you already know, but let me say it anyway, Shounen Jump is on break this week, so there's no Bleach in this week report.

Break Blade (Yoshinaga Yunosuke) Chapter 44-47

Okay, I'll be honest here. The reason I'm reading Break Blade was because I want to know more about Rygart and Zess. That's why this military things that start happening in chapter 45-47 didn't able to interest me. Chapter 45 was different though. It's about the love triangle between Hozul, Sigyn and Rygart. Rygart in chapter 45 makes me remember the first time I start liking him because he always say what he wants. Anyway, Khrisna is in a very disadvantage situation now. It's almost clear that they're losing to Athens. I wonder how the story will be if they really lose.

Pandora Hearts (Mochizuki Jun) Chapter 59

What a heart-breaking chapter :(( Vincent still look calm even though Gilbert now know that he works for the Baskerville. That was a bit surprising, I thought he would be so scared that his beloved brother will hate him or something like that. Of course that isn't the heart-breaking part in this chapter. It's so sad that Oz almost killed his best friend, Elliot. He failed to deliver the final blow though. Mochizuki-sensei was so cruel, I can't believe that she killed my favorite character in Pandora Hearts. And all the flashback in this chapter just make it more depressing. I just hope that somehow, Elliot isn't dead (which was quite impossible, I know). But I don't what him to be the first person who died in Pandora Hearts! Please sensei, make up some reason so that Elliot can stay alive.

Strobe Edge (Sakisaka Io) Chapter 32-33

It seems that Andou is really going to end up with Mao. I don't want it! But because she didn't bitch like usual in this chapter, I kinda can accept it. The way Andou hates her definitely show that he still has a feeling for her. And Ninako finally makes up her mind and ready to accept Ren! Too bad Ren has something to do that force him to postpone his confession.

I didn't think that Ren would be so surprised that Ninako leave a voice mail for him. Ren is so cute when he said he can't wait until Monday :) Don't want Ren to beat him, Andou finally decide to said his last confession to Ninako. I really feel sorry for Andou in this chapter. Getting beat up while protecting Ninako, and because of that, unable to confess, that day must be a horrible day for Andou. Thanks to what happen with Andou, Ninako now become so confused and can't accept Ren's confession. I know that she already makes up her mind about it before but I think it's understandable that she's so confused now.

Code:Breaker (Kamijyo Akimine) Chapter 117

YAY for more Code:Breaker chapter! I've been waiting for this chapter! Hope more chapter can be released quicker. Really, this series need more attention! The artwork, the story, it's so good! This chapter should be about Kouji vs Aoba. I'm a little disappointed that Kouji butt in like that, I want to see Ogami vs Aoba. And the Saint Fighter of Eden that appear in this chapter sucks! Their power was pretty much the same as Shin Rei from Samurai Deeper Kyo, another manga from Kamijyo-sensei. But I laugh so hard when I see page 16-17. It's been a while since the last time I see fan(boy)service in Code:Breaker. Yeah, boys definitely like those pages! xDD So, Kouji ends up losing his power in the end, his lost form was cool~. Really, a wolf is really suitable for Kouji lost form! And because he's in lost form, now I really hope I can see Ogami vs Aoba in the next chapter.

Super Lovers (Abe Miyuki) Chapter 03

I agree with Ren, how can you give mount-to-mount kiss for a 'be safe' kiss?? Haru is definitely not normal! :)) And that 'not normal' guy really become a jerk when he said he doesn't want to be with Ren. Well, when his stalker attacks Ren, he runs as fast as he can though. I'm a bit surprised when Ren decide to leave Haru and go back to Canada. Of course, Haru chase him to Canada. He even said 'if the two of us aren't together, we can't sleep, right?', I laughed so hard when I read it xD

Reimei no Arcana (Toma Rei) Chapter 15

Nakaba successfully find Lemilia thanks to her Time Arcana. After that, she faint because she lose too much blood. Thanks to this, Vernas now believe in her and decide to help her stop the war. Caesar and Nakaba scene in the end of this chapter was good but nothing really great happen in this chapter.

Kimi ni Todoke (Shiina Karuho) Chapter 56

The whole point in this chapter is... Pin looks good with his hair down! xDD Seriously, that spiky hair style of him really make him looks stupid. He should change his hair style. This chapter, especially the second half, focus on Yano. I'm almost sure that she didn't like the guy that was kissing her. Good, because I don't want her to end up with that guy. I'm more into Kento x Yano or Pin x Yano, they'll make a good couple.

Nurarihyon no Mago (Shiibashi Hiroshi) Chapter 144

Kiyotsugu is back! :D This chapter focus on Torii, one of Rikuo classmate if you don't remember. She meet Yanagida when searching for Kurotabou. And it looks like she's being used by Kyousai for his story, because the ghost that appear in the last page looks exactly like her. I don't know how he did that, but now Rikuo need to save her.

Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu (Aoki Kotomi) Chapter 51

It's understandable that Takuma is scared. It sure doesn't feel good when something that was part of your body for a long time will be disposed like a trash. I think in the next chapter we'll see if Takuma really got his heart transplant and from who he get that heart. It's pretty clear already who is going to give his heart to Takuma, but I'm still curious about the details.

Star Driver dj - Kiss Through the Glass

It's SugaTaku! Of course, it's my favorite pairing for Star Driver! This dj was really good, it really fells like the story itself. Sugata personality in this dj was pretty much the same as anime, so I have no complain. What makes me surprised is, Takuto is the one who kiss Sugata first! I thought that it must be Sugata who want kissed Takuto (don't know why, because he gives seme vibes, maybe?). This dj was so sweet~ The artwork was good too. I would recommend this to all Star Driver fan! Oh, and Sugata in the second bonus was so creepy! lol

Star Driver dj - Ohoshisama, Otoshita no wa daare?

I like Kiss Through the Glass more than this, but I still like this one. It's another SugaTaku. This time, Sugata is the one wo kissed Takuto. They didn't stop at this point, they continue it in the yard. This time, Takuto become seme while Sugata become uke. I lol-ed so hard when Sugata said 'strip' to Takuto! Poor Takuto, in the end, even though he's the seme, he end up doing all Sugata order :p

As usual, if you read any of these, share your opinion and we can have a good discussion :D