Saturday, 19 March 2011

Weekly Report: Manga from 13 Mar - 19 Mar 2011

This week menu: Hana no Kishi ch 22, Gakuen Babysitters ch 06-09, Ao no Exorcist ch 23, Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu ch 49-50, Houou Gakuen -Misoragumi ch 08-09, Shiki ch 38, Bleach ch 441, Break Blade ch 43 and Strobe Edge ch 01- 31

Here is this week's report. I read more than usual, I even marathoned a new series. And I'm so glad with the fast release of Strobe Edge and BokuKimi, thank you so much, Bikkuri and Titania! Let me remind you that this is not a review.

Hana no Kishi (Nishikata Mai) Chapter 22

Poor Rin, getting stabbed like that. But I'm sure if it's one-on-one, he definitely can win against Shizuka. Well, I'm not surprised that he's going to cheat with bringing his friend like that. What I didn't expect is the fact that Ibara will be very mad like that. His expression in page 25 was good, I like it. In this chapter, we got to see Shizuka's boss. Is it just me or he looks like Ran's brother?

Gakuen Babysitters (Tokeino Hari) Chapter 6-9

Another hilarious chapter! I really like Kamitani brothers, they're so funny! Especially Hayato, he's always so honest to others and he really likes to hit someone who doesn't do as he said. Now his honesty become a problem in this chapter. He really tell Ryuichi that he doesn't like Taka, and that make him sulking and crying endlessly! Every child reaction when they look at the tiger was priceless too! Even Kotaro's reaction who doesn't run like others was good. In the end, Hayato and Taka reconcile, Hayato even give a smacking bonus for Taka :p

Ryuichi was sick in this chapter. To prevent Kotaro catch Ryuichi's cold, Obaa-san decided to take Kotarou with her and told him to squeeze lemon for Ryuichi. Really, Tokeino-sensei even draw something that makes the lemon so adorable! Lemon-chan face after Kotaro squeeze him was so funny! On the other side, Ryuichi had a bad dream about Kotaro leaving him together with their parent. Well, that just proved how much Ryuichi loves his brother :) Oh, and Kotaro sulking scene in the last page was so funny!

Ryuichi and the children are checking other clubs in this chapter. Watching them walking in line like page 8 was so cute! Oh, and Inomata appear again in this chapter. So she joins cooking club, I though she would join babysitting club too. They also visit baseball club, of course because Taka want to see his brother. I kinda have a feeling that maybe Taka have a brother complex? He seems so closed with Hayato, even though their relationship was like that :p In the end, Hayato decide to join babysitting club, one of the reason was because Kotaro drag him there.

In this chapter, we got to see Hayato and Taka's mother, Kamitani Shizuka. She's exactly like Hayato, especially the way the always hit others. Even their eyes was kinda same! She invited everyone to watch some chicks hatching. Even Ryuichi looks like he really want to see it. Well, the chicks won't hatch until tomorrow so every child (except Kotaro) make a ruckus over that. In the end, only Kotaro and Ryuichi that were able to watch it. Kotaro really likes it, he watch it so closely without even blinking. Later, we got to see the chicks that tagged along behind Kotaro, it was sooo adorable!

Ao no Exorcist (Katou Kazue) Chapter 23

Nothing great happen in this chapter. Poor Rin, locked in a place like that :( One important point is, Rin's sword was originally belonged to Suguro's family. His dad took it before he born. Well, next chapter was probably about the rest of Suguro's dad letter.

Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu (Aoki Kotomi) Chapter 49-50

This chapter is so full of smut scene. Not that I hate it, but I don't really have a lot to say because of it. What I think important is the fact that Kou-sama having an endless headache. It may be a hint to the spoiler that I read sometimes ago. Well, I hope we can learn more about it in the next chapter.

I got what I want. Another indication that something wrong with Kou-sama condition. Btw, who is this Igarashi? I don't remember seeing her when I reread BokuKimi last time. I like how Takuma become so despserate when Mayu didn't visit him, and I'm glad he decide to give her a call. The scene when Mayu cleans Takuma hair was nice too. Just curious if she also clean his body xDD

Houou Gakuen - Misoragumi (Aki Arata) Chapter 8-9

Maybe it's just me, but I don't like the quality of the new group that scanlated this series, especially the translation part. I know I should be grateful that another group release this series quicker but I hope they can improve their quality. I'll reread it again when Aerandria released theirs. back to the story, no new character in chapter 8-9 so I guess it's safe to say that all of the player already on stage. In chapter 8, we got to see more Yui x Kei. And chapter 9 was mostly about the twins' stupid plan to make Yui part of their pawn.

Shiki (Ono Fuyumi and Fujisaki Ryu) Chapter 38

Human nature is so scary. That's what I get when I read (or watch) Shiki. I already know this chapter's story because I've watched the anime, but still, the impact didn't change. They're ready to butcher Toshio's mom, who still human, and don't really know anything about Shiki just because she didn't take part in the hunt. Well, I admit that RL isn't too different. That's why it's scary~

Bleach (Kubo Tite) Chapter 441

Well, at least this chapter was better than the previous chapter in my opinion. Maybe it's because there's no Orihime :p The most interesting part is this sentence "Next time, Ichigo's fullbring undergoes another transformation...?!" in the last page. If that was true, then I hope the new form isn't as lame as current form. Also, I was curious about what Isshin and Urahara talked about. Maybe about fullbringer?

Break Blade (Yoshinaga Yunosuke) Chapter 43

Rygart finally find something to do. Good for you, Rygart, now you can do something better than sulking. The new character in this chapter looks bad-ass as hell. And yay~! They found Dirfringe! Now you can pilot it again, Rygart. Now I remember who is Borcuse. I think he's the one who kill Girge. Yeah, go kill him, Rygart!!

Strobe Edge (Sakisaka Io) Chapter 1-31

At first, I was reluctant to read this series. That's because I think the artwork isn't one of my type. I know I was wrong when I see Ren and Andou :p. I even read all 29 chapters at that moment in one night, an indication that I really like this series and find it interesting enough to be marathoned. Maybe I'll even write a review for Strobe Edge in sunny side up. The main male character in this series was Ichinose Ren, the one with black hair in the picture above. He's so cool and lovely and he also capable to be become cute as the story progress. Having so many good point, I can't help but like him immediately. Think of him as another Kazehaya with lots of cool aura. Ren isn't the only loveable bishie in this series, there's Andou Takumi that was more like my type with his easy-going personality. Andou become much more loveable when he's madly in love with Ninako. Is bishie the only thing that make me think this series interesting? No, it also have good story and character development. I'm not going to talk much about the story but I like almost all of the character in Strobe Edge, with Mao as an exception. One of the remarkable point in Strobe Edge was the friendship between Ninako and her friends. It's not really intense but somehow I like it. Oh, and although the end was pretty clear (Ninako end up with Ren), I'm still looking forward new chapter. Only a few chapters left because Strobe Edge already end in volume 10 :)