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Weekly Report: Manga from 28 Feb - 05 Mar 2011

This week menu: Gakuen Babysitters  ch 01-05, Hana no Kishi ch 21, Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu ch 47, Break Blade ch 42, Nurarihyon no Mago ch 143, Bleach ch 439, Ao no Exorcist ch 22, Red Moon ch 01, D.Gray-man ch 204, Skip Beat ch 172 and Gate 7 ch 02.
Okay, I've decided to make my weekly post, contains what I've read in a week. Hope I can do this every week ^^ This post was inspired by muchneededblog's Speed Reviewing :)
To make it clear, this is not a review. It's basically just what I thought in the manga that I've read in a week. So, the probability of this post contains major spoiler was quite high.

Gakuen Babysitters (Tokeino Hari) Chapter 1-5

Ka-ka-kawaiiii - is what I'm going to say if you ask me to describe this manga in one word. I like her 'Onnichan to Issho' so I decide to read this one, and it didn't disappoint me! In RL, I really hate babies and kids but I can like them if it's just in the manga (already proved by Love So Life's Aoi and Akane). I find Kotarou really adorable but my favorite kid is Taka. Really like it when Hayato, his onii-chan, threatening him. We got to see a new character named Inomata in chapter 2. I wonder if she's going to have a crush on Ryuuichi later. Chapter 3 and 4 was basically about Kirin. The time when she called Usaida a NEET was so funny! Chapter 5 was my favorite so far, it's about Takuma and Kazuma. Their dad was so cool and funny at the same time. Loved every scene when he was depressed because Kazuma dislike him. Only five chapter up so far, and I'm looking forward next chapter. Maybe next chapter is about Taka.

Hana no Kishi (Nishikata Mai) Chapter 21

I like Ibara and Rin's expression when Houjou trying to kiss Ran. In this chapter, I realize that Rin hair was a little longer now, making him looks different from Ran. When he first appear, he looked exactly like Ran, but now he looks more manly. I'm not Rin's fan, but I do admit that he really looks cool in this chapter. The moment when he confess to Ran was great too. I already expect he is going to go the moment he receive the letter from Shizuka, but the last three pages was splendid!

Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu (Aoki Kotomi) Chapter 47

The moment when Takuma undress Mayu was so sweet, especially with that 'make it darker' parts! Really LOLed when Takuma ask Mayu how to take off Mayu's bra. I'm so happy that Takuma finally admits that he DO want to live. And the moment when he propose Mayu was so great! I yearn for next chapter! xD

Break Blade (Yoshinaga Yunosuke) Chapter 42

Nothing much happend in this chapter. But I'm happy to see Zess again. Wonder why he said 'Borcuse'? I don't really remember Zess contact with Borcuse. Maybe I need to reread Break Blade. Oh, and the last page was frigging cool! Rygart in this page looks so cool. I hope we can see more about him, how he feels after losing Girge and what he's going to do from now on.

Nurarihyon no Mago (Shiibashi Hiroshi) Chapter 143

I find NuraMago become boring after Kyoto arc ended in chapter 134. And this chapter was not an exception. I don't really like Ryuuji in the first place. But the one that appear in the middle of the chapter, named Yanagida, was kinda hot. I guess this is a mini arc about hundred tales clan before we go to Seimei arc so it shouldn't be that long (I hope).

Bleach 439 (Kubo Tite) Chapter 439

Really, I don't even know what to say about this chapter. As a lot of Bleach recent chapter, this chapter isn't great (sorry, just trying to be honest). But at least we got to see Tsukishima's fullbring, and it's cool. Let's see what happened with Inoue in next week, I hope she get serious injury or something like that (I hate her after all XDD). Oh, and Riruka on the first page of this chapter was really irrritating! Another Bleach female character that I hate :p

Ao no Exorcist (Katou Kazue) Chapter 22

Well, at least this chapter didn't bore me as much as the last. Now we can confirm that Mamushi is the traitor. Though I think that Suguro's Dad was so fishy, he definitely hide something. I like how Rin become angry because Suguro reminded him how he rejected his father before. I like it more after he release his blue flame, something that rarely happened recently. And that accessories in Rin's tail was like Sun Wukong's headband, making me laugh so hard! In short, I don't really like this Eyes of Impure King arc but I still able to enjoy it at some point :D

Red Moon (Yuki Kaori) Chapter 1 [end]

I just read this one because I love Yuki Kaori. This is a one-shot, so don't expect me to really like it (I can't like one-shot after all). After reading this 'A psychotic gay cannibalistic vampire murderer in love and with moon issues.' sentence in Aerandia, I immediately download it. To be honest, I don't really understand the story (poor me) xD I just love the artwork, that's why I can read it till the end :))

D.Gray-man (Hoshino Katsura) Chapter 204

Ahhh, another depressing chapter from D.Gray-man. To think that the Black Order will classified Allen as a Noah was very depressing. They are really ungrateful bastard. After what Allen did to them, this is what he get? Truly ungrateful. Now I feel like I want to side with the Noah :p And I still don't really get it, did the Apocryphos really kill Cross? In this chapter we get a brief explanation about Apocryphos. I hope we can see another development next chapter. Maybe the Black Order will punish Link in the next chapter because he help Allen to escape.

Skip Beat! (Nakamura Yoshiki) Chapter 172

I don't get what I really want in this chapter but I still find it exciting. I thought we can see Ren's blushing face when he looks at Kyoko but it turns out that he's angry. And I realize that Ren really have great self-control over himself, being able to stay calm even after Kijima ask Kyoko to go out with him. He feeling jealous like that was kinda cute but I just wish he can be honest with Kyoko. Just tell her that he doesn't like it when Kyoko act so friendly with other man! I'm excited about the next chapter, how Ren will respond Kyoko's question? Well, we must wait for another month to see the answer.

Gate 7 (CLAMP) Chapter 2

We (or at least, I) still don't really get any surprise from this series. Ah, well, the morning scene in Urashichiken was good, so I'm not complaining. The fact that Tachibana become like 'that' in the morning was so funny! Even the magic spell that works to wake up Hana was hilarious! Oh, and the new character that appear in this chapter isn't my type so my favorite is still Tachibana xD I'm not really excited about this series but I'll keep reading it for a few more chapters.

That's what I've read this week. I'm following Claymore too, but don't feel like downloading the latest chapter, so it's not here. If you also read some of the manga that I've read this week, please share what you thought. I'll be very happy if you do that ^^


  1. Bleach is in free fall mode. I hope it doesn't hit us with YET another rescue Orihime arc. That would just be lazy >_<

  2. @Bass:
    If Kubo-sensei do that, I'll stop reading Bleach :p
    Thanks for dropping your first comment in my blog ^^

  3. No problem ^_^

    Didnt realize you made manga posts. I will be coming here more often from now on. Manga posts in anime blogs are quite rare these days >_<

  4. Well, I'm more into manga after all. I just hope I can keep doing this every week :D
    Of course you didn't realize, it's my first time doing this LOL

  5. Thanks for the name drop ^^
    I enjoyed reading through your short reviews! Yours are better than mine. I just do like 2 sentences (i'm lazy haha)

    "In RL, I really hate babies and kids but I can like them if it's just in the manga (already proved by Love So Life's Aoi and Akane)." ~AGREED!~ So funny, I just touched on Love so Life in my second short review I just finished ^^

  6. Sankyuu *blush* :D
    Well, if the chapter aren't good enough, I can't do more than 2 sentences sometimes LOL

    Yeah, Love So Life was so adorable!
    I just hope there's more Seiji x Shiharu! xD


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