Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Weekly Report: Manga from 27 Mar - 02 Apr 2011

This Last week menu: Break Blade ch 48-49, Strobe Edge ch 34-36, Hana no Kishi ch 23, Code:Breaker ch 118-120, Nurarihyon no Mago ch 145-146, Bleach ch 442, Skip Beat ch 173, Shinkuu Yuusetsu ch 01-07, Star Driver dj - Ore no Ginga Bishounen wa konna ni Kawaii wake ga nai!, Star Driver dj - Sutadora Channel, Durarara dj - Reikyori Renai, Durarara dj - Reikyori Housoku, Durarara dj - Oneness and Banana Fish dj - Hush a Bye.

Sorry for being late. One of the reason why I can't post this report like usual was because I have too many manga too read (and must be finished quickly). Kinda ironic actually, since that force me to delayed my weekly report.

Break Blade (Yoshinaga Yunosuke) Chapter 48-49

Chapter 48 is still about the military related things, so I'm not interested. Chapter 49 is kinda the same, but we got to see Zess (kyaaaa~) and Rygart that looks so bad-ass in the last page. Anyway, Borcuse is in the move, I don't think we can see Borcuse vs Rygart that fast though. I'm hoping for more Rygart and Zess in next chapter ^^

Strobe Edge (Sakisaka Io) Chapter 34-36

What a depressing chapter. I kinda understand how Ninako feels. She's definitely not a good girl like what I thought she was if she simply accept Ren while Andou in so much pain. But she didn't accept Ren confession, that's so like her. Ren definitely know that something was wrong though, since Ninako was crying while she reject him. I don't expect that Andou will become 'wild' again. So pitiable, your crush dump you and now you're looking for other woman to erase the pain. Well, I'm glad that Ren decide to talk to Andou and said what he really feels for him. Thanks to this, I think Andou was back to normal. This chapter end with Ren forcing Ninako to say what she did in his seat, because she already reject him.

More Andou in this chapter, so I'm happy :)) It's Andou we're talking about so, even though he looks like he's going to play the bad guy, he can't. Ninako can see that when he kissed her. He's doing it for their sake. And thanks to him, now Ninako is ready to confess!

Ninako's whole confession was so cute~ And Ren expression was cute too, damn it, he blushes a lot in this chapter, making him cuter than usual :p Andou and Ren moment in this chapter was good too. In short, this chapter offer lots of cute thing, a prefect end for Strobe Edge!

Hana no Kishi (Nishikata Mai) Chapter 23

This chapter introduced a new character, Sen Kashiwazaki. To be honest, I'm not interested in his background. Well, basically the negotiation failed like all of us already expected. The fight started by Ibara but later stopped by Akasora-sensei that claim to be Guardian of Rogress. He then propose a one-on-one fight. Of course from Sei's side it's Ran because she's the first knight. Then the first knight from Sen's side is .... Ran's older brother! I already expect this too, so I'm not so surprised ;p Let's see what will Ran do in the next chapter, it's going to be interesting :)

Code:Breaker (Kamijyo Akimine) Chapter 118-120

Ugh, again, someone interfere when we're about to see Ogami vs Aoba. This time it's Uesugi. More about Aoba (and Uesugi and Maeshun) in this chapter. Little Aoba was cute, but it seems like she already had her brute strenght back then. Anyway, after Aoba's background revealed, we got to see Toki that was ready to attack Ogami. He even called Ogami 'my beloved', making me want to pair them :D (Toki would be great as an uke, while Ogami being seme :p). Before he met Ogami, he must faces Yuki first though. I don't think Yuki can beat Toki in his state now.

Even though Yuki said he had a training season with Nisemaru, I still don't think he can defeat Toki magnetism. If Yuki can beat him, then all the crap about Toki being Eden's Joker would be useless. But even if I already know that Yuki can never beat Toki, I still want to see Toki vs Yuki so badly. But that's not happening in this chapter because the fight move to Ogami vs Aoba. Finally we got a clear explanation of Aoba's power. What makes me interesting is the fact that she said 'my first special power'. Does that mean she has another special power? I must say thank to Aoba, because of her power, we got to see little Ogami that was SO CUTEEEE~

Wow this chapter was soooo good! Especially because I got to see lots of Chibigami (little Ogami). Damn it, he's so cute! I like him more than Ogami xD His personality was more interesting too. And his power was waaaayy more powerful than his older self. Oh, please don't call me shotacon because of this :p Well, back to the story, we finally know Uesugi power now. His power was kinda lame, only being able to exchange anything that he touched. What's more interesting, is the fact that Chibigami can use blue flame even without Emperor's left arm. This was a very interesting plot twist in my opinion :D

Nurarihyon no Mago (Shiibashi Hiroshi) Chapter 145-146

So, it's Kurotabou (again) who is going to save Torii. Chapter 145 didn't explain much but chapter 146 was good. Rikuo looks so hot when he jumps from the train xD And Kurotabou looks so bad-ass in this chapter. Looks like this hundred tales clan will revolve around Kurotabou. This would be cool, since we don't know his background story so far.

Bleach (Kubo Tite) Chapter 442

Again, it's another meh. And another unoriginal ability. Jackie's fullbring is basically like Lenalee's Dark Boots from D.Gray-man. Even the name was pretty much the same (Jackie's is Dirty Boots). This make me sooo disappointed with Bleach, maybe I should drop it for a while after all -_-

Skip Beat (Nakamura Yoshiki) Chapter 173

This chapter would be more interesting if Shou really see kyoko in her new appearance. Too bad he didn't. Actually I was kinda disappointed with this chapter. I was expecting something interesting from Ren's reaction after Kyoko's question in the last chapter. But I didn't get to see that. Well, at least we got to see Emperor of the Night, so I won't complain a lot. Anyway, we will see more Heel siblings in the next chapter. I can't wait to see Cain Heel~

Shinkuu Yuusetsu (Bikke) Chapter 01-07 [end]

Found this series thanks to manga weekend's recommendation. Great concept + awesome story = lurves it!! Rael x Alexi was so cute, they're the main pairing after all. Keel x Elias was cute too, I like both of them. I just wish it was longer, since I want to see more Rael x Alexi. I haven't read volume 3 that contains the collected doujinshi of this series, would be great if I can find it, but I can't. Really recommended for shounen-ai lovers :D

Star Driver dj - Ore no Ginga Bishounen ga konna ni Kawaii wake ga nai!

Ugh, I should read this dj genre before I download it. Comedy isn't my favorite genre so this sucks (for me). And maybe because I'm already disappointed first, I can't enjoy the comedy that this dj offer. Seriously, I must admit that I really regret reading this.

Star Driver dj - Sutadora Channel

This one is no different from 'Ore no Ginga Bishounen ga konna ni Kawaii wake ga nai!', except that it's slightly better. I find it really weird that Sugata is jealous with Takashi. My recommendation is, if you want to read good Star Driver dj, go read 'Kiss Through the Glass' or 'Ohoshisama, Otoshita no wa daare?'!

Durarara dj - Reikyori Renai

This one is an alternate universe. Shizuo as a teacher and Izaya is his 3rd year high school student. Sound interesting right? The artwork was good. Izaya is in love with his teacher, Shizu-chan. And because he will graduate in two weeks, he's so desperate. He end up crying and confess to Shizu-chan. In his graduation day, Shizu-chan finally said that he also love Izaya. We also see Shinra in this dj, he acts as Izaya friend. The story was so cute, I never imagine Izaya being a crybaby like that :))

Durarara dj - Reikyori Housoku

This is the sequel of 'Reikyori Renai', Shizuo is still a high school teacher and Izaya already become university student. Izaya always wait Shizu-chan near the school gate, but because it's so cold outside, Shizuo decide to give him his room key (sweet, isn't it? xD). In the end, Shizuo propose Izaya to live together and marry him! So cute~ In this dj we can see Vorona and Kadota as a teacher too. Because I like this 'Reikyori' series so much, I hope there's more sequel ^^

Durarara dj - Oneness

I don't understand this dj story, maybe because it's not my type? Anyway this one is also Shizuo x Izaya. The artwork isn't that bad, but I prefer 'Reikyori' type. In short, this dj story was too vague for me :))

Banana Fish dj - Hush a Bye

Loved it. This dj really gives me more Ash x Eiji, one of the best pairing ever. It just told us about Ash and Eiji usual life, nothing really different from the manga, but maybe that's why I like it so much. The artwork was good too. I know I'm soooo late, maybe most of Banana Fish fans already read it, but if you're one and you haven't read it, read it please! It's good!