Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Weekly Report on Temporary Hiatus Mode

If you follow this blog frequently, you must know that I've been neglecting my duty to write my usual weekly report for around 2 weeks. Well, I just made up my mind to put weekly report on temporary hiatus. It will be back in early June (I hope, lol).

There are two reasons behind this action. First, I want to concentrate more on my final assignment. Second, I just become more and more lazy to write weekly report, mostly because the release (for the manga that I've been following) was so slow recently. Every time I check Baka-Updates Manga, I end up disappointed because there is no update on the manga that I've been waiting eagerly (Code:Breaker, Shiki, Break Blade, Deadman Wonderland, etc). It's not a total hiatus since I'm still going to write for sunny side up. So, I'm still going to update what I write there one week after it was published.

Before I take my leave, here's an early list for Summer 2011 Anime (ver.3) from neregate.

Most waited: Kamisama Dolls, Blood-C, NuraMago s2

Well then, see you in the next post! *wave* :D