Saturday, 9 April 2011

Weekly Report: Manga from 03 Apr - 09 Apr 2011

This week menu: Code:Breaker ch 121, Reimei no Arcana ch 16, Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu ch 52, Nurarihyon no Mago ch 147, Strobe Edge ch extra (v10), Break Blade ch 50, Love So Life ch 20, Bleach ch 443, Hapi Mari ch 15, Junai Labyrinth ch 01-15 and Durarara dj - Image*Dive

Code:Breaker (Kamijyo Akimine) Chapter 121

I find it weird that Aoba keeps holding her boobs in almost every panel lol. And, I'm surprised that Chibigami able to control all seven flames, I thought he only able to control blue flame. It's so cool~ I'm dying for the next chapter because I'm so curious about the reason between Sakura's memory in this chapter!

Reimei no Arcana (Toma Rei) Chapter 16

Oh my, Caesar looks so cute with his tiger's ears (and tail)! His embarrassing face when Nakaba said thanks was cute too! And I never expected Ajin's leader to be something like 'that'. Well, the new thing that I know is that there's other arcana beside Nakaba's.

Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu (Aoki Kotomi) Chapter 52

More about Kou x Igarashi in this chapter. I wonder if Kou really has a feeling for Igarashi or not. I thought he only likes Mayu, but it seems like the talk between him and Koutarou changes his mind.

Nurarihyon no Mago (Shiibashi Hiroshi) Chapter 147

More about Kurotabou's past in this chapter. Hitotsume never change didn't he? Always picking a fight in the meeting. Well, if my guess is right, next chapter is going to be about Rihan. Since he's so hot, I'm looking forward the next chapter. And I heard that there's an amazing color page in chapter 148 so I'm really excited ^^

Strobe Edge (Sakisaka Io) Chapter Extra

This one is about Ren and Ninako's first date. There's a little scene between Ren, Ninako and Andou. That's the most interesting part in this chapter imho. Oh, and I must mention that Ren's casual clothes in this chapter makes him look so hot! Well, the rest of this chapter is lovey-dovey scene between Ren and Ninako as usual. The kiss scene was cute though ;)

Sweet as usual, this one was about Manabu and his crush, Ritsuko. This chapter explain why Manabu want to study abroad like he stated in chapter xx (forgot :p). Well, this chapter just prove my theory that almost all of the character in Sakisaka's manga have decent personality, even side-character.

Break Blade (Yoshinaga Yunosuke) Chapter 50

Wow, bad-ass Rygart is bad-ass! His glare was so scary~ I'm surprised that he's going to face Borcuse so quickly. Well, it seems that his monster kill attack didn't hurt Borcuse a lot, so he needs to give more effort in next chapter. I kinda like the new turn in Rygart's personality ^^

Love So Life (Kouichi Kaede) Chapter 20

Aww, Akane and Aoi was so cute!! Good thing that the girls decided to stop bullying Shiharu and her friend. Some Seiji x Shiharu moment near the end of the chapter was good. I hope Seiji give a present for Shiharu's second birthday in next chapter, that would be so sweet!

Bleach (Kubo Tite) Chapter 443

How typical. Sudden power burst without proper explanation :( Ah, I'll just think positively and hope that Kubo-sensei will give a proper explanation for Ichigo's new fullbring. I'm not interested with his fight against Jackie, so please get over it quickly.

Hapi Mari (Enjouji Maki) Chapter 15

Finally, they're back together! Hahaha, Hokuto looks so mad at the beginning. And he's the only person in the world that would call his wife 'octopus' lol. It's kinda sweet that he can't bear to live without Chiwa. Seems like he's already in depth love for Chiwa.

Junai Labyrinth (Nakaji Yuki) Chapter 01-15

I'm a big fan of Nakaji Yuki, that's why I pick this series. Her artwork is just really my type. This one isn't an exception. Also, another reason why I like her work is because her story is always light, full of comedy that never bored me when I read it. For some of you who interested in this manga but force to back up because of incest theme, let me give you a little spoiler. There's no real incest in this manga. You can guess what this mean, right? As for the bishies, we have two, three if you count Haruto's manager. They're all droolicious. The story also become more interesting in every chapter, so I'm looking forward the new chapter :D Really recommended for those who like simple shoujo story with lots of comedy!

Durarara dj - Image*Dive

Another Shizuo x Izaya. This was pretty good actually, it'll be more perfect if the story didn't end like that. I feel like they ended it in the middle of the story. For you who haven't read it, it's about Shizuo and Izaya that get along so well in Avatar's (some kind of communication tool for cell phone) world without knowing each other identity. Imagine what happened when they know their real identity. That's what happened in short.