Sunday, 7 October 2012

Weekly Report: Manga from Week 40

This week menu: Code:breaker ch 189-193, S no Kaikoroku and Fairy Tail ch 302

Not much from this week, I was more focused on the Fall 2012 Anime xD

Code:breaker (Kamijyo Akimine) Chapter 189-193

Scanlated by MangaBurn (189-191, 193) and S2Scans (192)

Code:breaker ch 189-193

Oh my.. This arc.. It's waaaay too cheesy even for Code:breaker standard. The battle with rarekinds is suppose to be the last arc right? But it was the worst arc ever! Though I won't say nothing good in this arc. At least we saw a decent character development for Ogami. I like it more when he's opening his heart for Sakura (even though he didn't admit it). As for the latest chapter (193) Kamijyo-sensei failed to create the chaos atmosphere that was supposed to be there. I can't describe it well, but it's just seems so unrealistic. And the way those trashs act is just so predictable it's sad. Heck, even what the Code:breakers did was also VERY predictable.

S no Kaikoroku (Akane Ogura) Oneshot

Scanlated by Bakeneko's Lair

S no Kaikoroku

It's 'Memoirs of a Sadist in English'. 'I remember Kuroneko003-san said this was a very disturbing oneshot, so I decide to check it out. It was indeed a bit disturbing. This couple is nothing like normal. Sakurai, she's.. how to say it.. well, she freaks me out. I can't imagine if there's a couple like this in real life. That would be scary! Reading a manga like this, I'm just glad that I'm normal lol

Fairy Tail (Mashima Hiro) Chapter 302

Scanlated by MangaStream

Fairy Tail ch 302

Well, this is a less impressive chapter compared to last week. I don't know who to trust, Captain Arcadeus or Minister of Defense Darton. Both look suspicious to me. And I don't think that the day for the Eclipse Plan is exactly the same as the day where the Dragons disappear is just a coincidence..